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The 12 Fundamental Principles of Design, Explained

Samantha FeinDecember 1, 202011 min read

Arrangement of visual imagery within the picture plane is essential for artists and designers to consider when creating their artwork. Effective use of design can help communicate powerful messages that…

4 Creators Share Their Advice on Finding A Hobby That Fits Your Life

Joshua KrausNovember 30, 202012 min read

What are your hobbies?  It’s a question you might hear on a first date or a job interview. It’s a question you might even ask yourself from time to time,…

How to Objectively Critique Your Own Work: Learning from Feedback as a Creator

Myriah StrivelliNovember 30, 202012 min read

An essential component of growing as an artist involves examining your work and soliciting other artists’ feedback. Each is equally important, and I suggest doing both for different reasons. As…

New To Photoshop? Here’s How to Use the 10 Most Important Tools

Gali SoffNovember 25, 202017 min read

So, you are a Photoshop beginner and want to learn the basics? You’ve come to the right place! Before you jump into working with Photoshop, take a moment to learn…

Why You Need A Hobby, and How To Find The Right One

Jay Pike, Creative Content EditorNovember 23, 202016 min read

Ever feel like you absolutely cannot watch another streaming episode of anything? Need a way to keep busy that can improve your health? Want to learn skills you need in…

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